Where does it all starts…

Where does it all starts…

We know what our friends say while talking.


  • Because we speak or listen the same language.
  • And we call it the Natural Language.

But computer does not speak our language.

How computer understand what we said.

But how we are going to do that. It does not speak our language?

-Ah ah we have Programming Languages for that.

Programming Languages?? What does that mean.

  • It is a language made for talking with computers. Just like we use our language to talk with our friends and family.


Q. Why do we use computer?

Ans: Because we want computer to work for us and faster and faster.

So to make computer work we have to give it instruction.

  • So how does It actually work.

We write our instruction using syntax of that programming language. [Code]

Like ABC in English Language.

Computer Converts that Code into machine language and do our task.

And return result back to us using our language.

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